A Private jet plane crashed in Malaysia 10 dead.

Malaysia a small private jet crashed on a highway on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur yesterday afternoon on August 17. At least 10 people were killed in the incident, which crashed into a car and a motorcycle on the highway, Malaysian police said.6 passengers on the small plane 8 people including 2 plane drivers and 2 car and motorcycle drivers on the ground. A total of 10 people died. In the video footage that emerged after the crash, the plane crashed onto the highway and burst into flames, with smoke filling the road.

The small plane crashed while en route from the resort island of Langkawi to Selangor. The Beechcraft Model 390 lost contact with the air traffic control tower before crashing, officials said. “There was no emergency call. The plane was cleared to land,” Selangor police chief Hussain Omar Khan said.

The flight log shows that a local politician was on board the small plane that crashed. Malaysian local news reported that the local politician who died in the plane crash was Johari Haran, a member of the Pahang State Executive Council, and his political friends and colleagues expressed their condolences.

But Transport Minister Anthony has refused to release the forensic results from the local hospital. Among those killed in the crash was the captain, Saruka Merrosland, who was survived by his wife and four sons.

Waiting outside the hospital, Mr Sharuka’s 67-year-old mother tearfully told the media about their last conversation, when her son said “I love you, mum”.

According to the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority, an initial investigation found that the plane was cleared to land, and the two pilots were experienced.

Investigators are working to locate the flight data recorder, known as the plane’s black box.
“As the investigation is ongoing, we cannot say the cause of the plane crash at this time,” the transport minister said.
An eyewitness said that when he went to the scene after hearing a loud explosion, he saw injured people.
Mohamed Shami, a former Malaysian air force officer, said he heard the explosion shortly after seeing the plane’s flight pattern.
“When I rushed to the crash site, I saw only the remains of the plane,” he said.
According to reports from Malaysia, the private jet was operated by Jet Valet, a Malaysian private jet service company.

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